Below is the questions we answered relating to our client case study Fox Relocation Management Corp:

  • Strategic Issues
  • How did these come about?
  • What are the drivers of change?
  • What are the objectives?
  • Recommendations
  • Discuss resistance if any is likely to occur.
  • How would you address the problem?
  • Discuss measurement and effectiveness

Fox Relocation Management Corp requested that we simply bullet the recommendations and not write up a full proposal of action steps.  These are the notes on our thoughts, important stats we took into account, and suggested changes:

  • There is no formal hierarchy within the organization, which can lead to role confusion
  • There is no close management because project mgrs have considerable autonomy; if the organization grows too big, this method may not work however
  • Everyone on the inside is considered to be on the same level; this is a problem because people are driven/motivated by different things; many people like power and status; many like that ability to move up, but there is no where to go in this flat type of organization since there’s no formal hierarchy – the personalities of the people must be monitored so they don’t conflict with the unique culture in place; CEO doesn’t believe that money is a motivator, but it is for some people
  • Employee satisfaction surveys to get things they like and want but don’t have, she’ll change it/ add it
  • Strong culture of teamwork and flexibility; people have control over their hours and just cant go over 40 too much
  • People don’t know how much each other make; most people work on hourly pay; autonomy as long as within budget
  • ’97-’98, company doubled in size from 20 employees to 40 to deal with client bank mergers
  • Had to hire many people quickly, no time to train, lack of communication, people who have been there don’t know the new people
  • No official training program, until ’98 when mentoring program was set up; no limit to how long the mentoring lasts because it depends on the person, but a new person was paired with an experienced person here regardless of the new person’s work experience o/s of FOX
  • Shifted teams to allow people to get to know each other, held more meetings and things as things have slowed down a little
  • Furniture, tables, desks, offices allocated based on who spent the most time in the office
  • Installed computer network, allowing Fox to communicate with employees and them to communicate with each other
  • Staff luncheon bi-weekly for 2 hours
  • Presentations from outside companies to keep employees abreast of industry issues and new products
  • Bigger, more complex clients means more formal process needed; can cause issue because team leader needs to be appointed and there is task delegation when before everyone was equal; can create some tension; talked it out because that type of structure is needed to get the job done
  • Coletti began supervising day-to-day activities, while Fox took on marketing and PR (externally focused)
  • People began to express uncertainty about who they report to and authority since Coletti was doing what Fox had done in the past; employees would email both people with questions and Coletti and Fox talk it out

Overall, Fox Relocation Management Corp has a strong team of people, but lacks the clear vision and management needed to move forward.  We were able to help with that.  Have questions?  Contact us now.