In consulting, the range of clients is quite extensive. You can choose to focus on national, state, or local, and you have an endless number of niches you could work in. If you’ve ever visited Thumbtack to look for a contractor, you know exactly what I mean; there are people who do everything you could possibly think of. The latest company we worked with was a boiler service in New York City called Queens Boiler Repair Pros.

Queens Boiler Repair Pros provides boiler inspection and repair services in Queens, NY. Their website is They reached out to our team looking for help growing their internet presence. In reviewing their business, we noted that website is attractive, well-formatted and had all the correct information, including quote forms and relevant calls to action every so often.

After reviewing their site, we moved on to examining their off-site SEO. We started with citations. This is anywhere you can list your brand name, address, phone number, and potentially your website. Popular citations sources that everyone knows are things like Facebook, Yelp, Yellow Pages, City Search, and so on. Having these is important to get the word out on the business and to help people find the company when they don’t go directly through a google search. After determining that they weren’t in enough listings, we proceeded with our 350 citation package to fix it. This service lists them in hundreds of great directories over the course of a couple weeks.

Finally, we move onto backlinks. These are essentially votes from other businesses that tell the search engine whether or not you’re trusted. The stronger the website that links to you, the stronger the vote of confidence. That’s a simplified way of looking at it, but it gets the point across. In order to earn those votes, you need to have great content, or be doing something newsworthy. So, we’ve chosen the newsworthy route and are in the process of hosting an event in the borough of Queens. We’ll provide more details once they’ve been hashed out and post a completed case study with the results. This is the first time we’re posting during the process.