Most of our clients sell to customers within their respective city or state-wide.  This is generally easier because the target market is smaller, making the allocation of resources less challenging.  However, our client IDX Liquidations sells to customers across the US.  Having even a virtual presence in all 50 states means coordinating many different variables and constantly dealing with logistics problems that arise along the way.

IDX Liquidations is a New York City truckload liquidation company.  Based in Queens, IDX sells wholesale truckloads of customer returns, closeouts, and overstock merchandise from large retailers and national chains like Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot, and Target, to resellers all over New York State.  IDX contracts with multiple shipping companies to deliver all ordered inventory within a few days of purchase.

IDX’s customer base is entirely resellers.  One of the most popular orders is unmanifested wholesale truckloads of Walmart returns.  The reason so many clients order this type of merchandise is because Walmart truckloads come with a huge diversity of products that are great for face-to-face selling.  Discount stores, general stores, dollar stores, and flea market vendors all love selling this type of liquidation inventory because it’s in high demand and can be flipped for cash quickly.  One pallet may include appliances, such as air fryers, blenders, crock pots, and grills.  The next pallet might be entirely electronics, containing Xbox headsets, audio visual cables, VR headsets, DVD’s, Xbox games, Headphones, and more.  A third pallet might be an outdoor patio set or a basketball hoop.  When you buy return merchandise trucks, you never know what you’re going to get.  But, the combined value of the inventory is often worth five to six times what you paid for it, so making money on it is easy.

Many resellers don’t have space for a full truck of inventory by themselves since it often comes with 26 pallets.  However, crafty clients have found other people to share with.  They order a truckload of merchandise for delivery, request a truck with a lift-gate so they can get the pallets down without needing a dock, then they split the merchandise, each taking half of the pallets.  This is great way to add significant product diversity and kick-start (or restart) your sales growth.  Specific to flea markets, most vendors sell clothing and have no way of getting this type of merchandise.  If you come in with appliances, health and beauty products, and electronics that no other vendors can get, it makes you stand out, and customers start to look for you.  We’ve seen it happen multiple times at places like the Aqua Duck Flea Market in Brooklyn and all over the state.