I’ve been around for a long time, and I’ve seen thousands of businesses come and go over the years.  The government publishes statistics each year and it’s estimated that nearly 80% of businesses fail within the first 48 months of operation.  That’s a staggering amount, but it’s not as crazy as it sounds when you consider some of the poor management decisions people make regarding their staff, money, and the company direction. I look for clients who have a head on their shoulders and want to take their businesses to the next level through rapid growth and expansion, in a smart way.  Albany Tree & Property Service is a great example of that, which is why I’ve chosen them as my case study.

Albany Tree & Property Service was founded by Joe Stevens in the 1990’s.  Joe’s not your average tree guy; he’s got a college education and has spent years researching sustainable agriculture methods, in addition to perfecting his tree work.  Albany Tree & Property Service had always been a one-man show, supplied with clients mainly from Angie’s List.  Joe also receives a large number of referrals because of the great stump and tree removal services he provides.

In 2016, he connected with our team, and we helped him triple the volume of tree removals his company was doing within 120 days.  It was an impressive transformation that allowed him the freedom to work only when he feels like it, cherry pick the customers he wants to work with, and spend money on the people he cares about, like his family.  That’s the difference that occurred when we helped him improve his online visibility through some strategic website changes.

Joe manages a team of more than 15 tree surgeons that can handle any size job.  They’ve done small, residential jobs like cutting down a tree in the front yard.  They’ve also handled large commercial land clearing jobs to make way for airports, buildings, and housing developments. Personally, I believe Joe has the best tree service albany ny has to offer.  I highly recommend visiting his website and checking it out for more information.  He no longer pays for Angie’s List due to the volume of people that call him.  He’s very personable, but keep in mind that it may take a while to get through on the phone.  You can also send him a request for a free estimate and he’ll call back as soon as he can.

I work with business owners like Joe all the time to help them make more sales and expand.  If your business is stuck and you can’t seem to get past the spot you’re currently at, email me at info1@dianimpanti.com and let’s chat.